How to get high-quality medical product to the market as quickly as possible? 

Co-creation and standardized working methods are the answers for agile development of next generation medical devices!

Across industries, the pace to introduce new products is increasing. This puts pressure to shortening the design and development cycles. Medical devices are no exception in this respect.

We've found that agile medical device design & development is achievable despite the burdensome regulations and more complex business environment. Medical device development can greatly benefit, e.g., from three commonly known methodologies of product development: Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, and Agile. When done properly, they will reduce the time to market of the device by ensuring that right and well specified customer problem will be solved with a feasible solution, which is going to be incrementally developed.


We've now created a White Paper, in which we’ll describe in a detailed level how to get high-quality medical products to the market as quickly as possible by utilizing product development model, which is based on these three methodologies. 

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